Organizing Principles from a Christian Perspective

Practical, Actionable, Biblical Organizing Strategies to purge the excess from five key areas of your life.

  • Maximize the space in your pantry by using organizing products such as shelf dividers, turntables and 3-tier expanding shelves for spices, canned goods and condiments.
  • Keep things grouped together and as close to the area in which they will be used as possible. This will save you time.
  • Use square or rectangle stackable airtight containers to store dry foods such as cereal, flour, sugar, snacks, pasta, rice, etc. They create a uniform look and enable you to use every inch of space.
  • Make the beds in your house every day. The surface of a bed covers a large area of the room. When the bed is made the room will feel less cluttered and messy. Picking up clothes and items off the floor will go a long way too!
  • Avoid closet clutter by regularly evaluating and purging clothing items. Do this twice a year and store off season items to make the clothes you are currently using easy to get to.
  • Take out anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom and keep the top of dressers & night stands clear.
  • Create zones in your garage and group like items together. Typical categories might include: gardening, tools, sports, travel, holiday, toys, clothes, food items, arts & crafts and memorabilia.
  • Hang racks or mount wall hooks and hang tools, garden equipment, and sports equipment Use a ceiling-mounted bicycle lift or wall rack to store bicycles.
  • Place items you use once a year or less frequently—Christmas decorations, old yearbooks—on higher up shelves.
  • Consider installing a garage ceiling storage rack to hoist these items up to the ceiling.
  • Organize and categorize your business contacts by scanning business cards into your computer and discarding the original.
  • Take 10 - 15 minutes at the end of each day to straighten up before you leave the office. Arriving to an orderly situation can help set the tone for your day and get you off to a more productive start.
  • Prepare ahead for activities and projects you need to do. It will save you time and remove the stress and chaos that come from a lack of proper and careful planning.

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